Why Hearts and Minds?

The key to success in any business is having the right people on your team, and engaging their hearts and their minds in your business.  When employees are rationally and emotionally committed they will go above and beyond to provide superior service to your customers.  When you engage your customers in the same way, then the rubber really hits the road!

Why I Blog

I am passionate about coaching and developing people to achieve results personally and professionally.  I have spent more than 10 years developing people in leading organizations and I am the go-to for friends, acquaintances and family for people advice.  So I thought, why not share some of the things I’ve learned with the world?!?

Who Am I?

I work hard every day to become the kind of person my dog, Piper, thinks I am.  I am amazed by technology and social media, and addicted to learning. Some of my favourite things to do: make the first footprints in freshly fallen snow, golf in the sun, read a book on my deck, dance without thinking about what it looks like, and check out new apps in my iPad. I love chocolate and red wine, especially when a study comes out saying they are healthy! I’m extremely passionate about service, integrity, helping others, and taking responsibility for your own actions. After a long day there’s nothing better than a long walk or hike with the dog, and a good book to curl up with.


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