Lessons in corporate culture from the Royal Wedding

13 May

Joanne Royce, An HR colleague from the HRPA Halton recently posted a great blog about lessons from the Royal Wedding.  Here are my thoughts:

There are lots of ways that companies could have taken advantage of the Royal Wedding to engage employees. I heard of companies having “Royal Hat” day, and serving afternoon tea. At my company, we have TVs through our atrium, and the wedding was playing on them, so as employees were walking through, they would stop and watch. Although it wasn’t formal, it was great to see people who wouldn’t usually work together or probably speak to each other often connecting over their thoughts on the wedding.
As for lessons learned from the wedding itself, I think there’s a great lesson on corporate culture to be learned. Culture is built on the little things that leaders do, which are seen by others. Too often, leaders’ actions don’t demonstrate the culture they have decreed or written on the wall. I thought William and Kate’s wedding was a great demonstration of the “people’s” royal family that is Diana’s legacy. This was seen in the little things that helped to make them more like “real” people. The little joke that William shared with Kate’s father when they arrived, the smile on Harry’s face as he watched his big brother, the little stuffed toy in one of the flower girl’s hands in the wedding photo. And if you haven’t checked out what the Lip Reader said the Royal family was saying throughout the wedding, check out this article- . All of these things help to communicate the culture of this new generation of Royal Family, and are great lessons about demonstrating the culture you want to lead in your company.

What do you think?  Did your company do something special to bring employees together through the Royal Wedding?


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