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Five words

Somehow I’ve unwittingly become a sourse of career and personal coaching to friends and colleagues, which inspired me to start this blog to share experiences I’ve had or coached others about over the years.  For years, I’ve worked in Human Resources and training in service-oriented organizations and industries, and had opportunities to see great successes with people, both employees and customers, as well as major blunders.  This is where I’ll share much of what I’ve learned.

Although the title of the blog may lead you to think differently, one thing I’ve learned is that there’s no big secret or silver bullet to managing people and customers effectively.  For the most part, it’s simply common sense.  The secret is that people have difficulty with common sense when they’re dealing with people.  A bit of an oxymoron!

In this blog, I’ll share experiences with managing employees at all levels of the organization – even those that you report to.  I’ll describe employee relations successes and nightmares.  I’ll tell stories about “wowing” customers, fixing problems with them, and creating loyal followers for your business.  I’ll share tips, processes and tachniques for becoming the most effective people leader you can be.

Today’s blog is a simple introduction to me… I recently went to a Personal Branding seminar, and was inspired to reflect on myself, and the image I want to project.  Through a 360 survey, reflection, and asking for feedback, some consistent themes came up, and helped me determine 5 words to describe myself.  My five words: Genuine, intelligent, communicative, inspiring, passionate.  These five words truly represent how I strive to be each day.

What are your five words?

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